Week in Review

Week In Review: May 9, 2015

This week’s realization: I’m kind of a blogging coward. How many draft posts do I have? Guesses? 17.  How many of my own words have I published? Yeah.

I still plan on doing these weekly recaps, because a curated internet is a happy internet, but I’m just saying it now. If I don’t click publish on something next week … ugh.

Best Encouragement to Bust Out My Uncle’s Telescope Of The Week


LINK: Self-Taught Polish Astrophotographer Captures High-Res Moon Photo By Combining 32,000 Shots
There is calibration to be done, but I gotta go look at the Moon again. These pictures are amazing.

And if you don’t know, let me tell you what my Uncle Jeff means to me. 

Article I was Going To Write Someday of the Week

LINK: A Primer on Fountain Pens
I am a pen guy. I love pens. I have strong opinions about pens. I believe everyone should have a fountain pen for handwritten correspondence at least. (And that hand-written correspondence should still be a thing) This is a pretty great article on the ins and outs.

If I could add anything, it would be this: The best starter fountain pen, hands down, is the Pilot Metropolitan. Fifteen bucks or less can get you a GREAT pen. This is one of my two daily use pens. The other is a $100+ Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point, which essentially what the Metropolitan wants to be when it grows up (not exactly a starter price tag). To start, skip bottled ink and go cartridge.  Omigosh … such a great pen.

Second List Article Share in a Row of the Week

LINK: The days are long on the decades are short
My claim that I don’t like list articles has some evidence mounting against it. But this one has two things going for it: First, it is actually a written out list, not a slideshow from hell to click through. Second, the dude is not wrong.

It is also adorable that he wrote his “old man gives advice to his younger self” article on the occasion of turning 30. THIRTY.

 Breathtaking Video of the Week

This is becoming a trend. I’m good with that

Best Reminder That I Know Hardly Any Higher Math

Coolest Dad of the Week


LINK: Father Builds His Son a Millennium Falcon Bed
I’m a man with grey hairs in his beard, and I would gnaw off my own arm to have this bed.

Reading List of the Week

I wanted to read these, but I haven’t yet. But they look interesting, so here ya go:



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