Week in Review

Week in Review – May 3, 2015

Another crazy week with some eye-opening revelations, but that’s a post for another day, like tomorrow.

For now, a peek inside what made me think, smile, laugh, and/or shake my head this week.

Thought Provoking Article of the Week

LINK: The Death of Awe in the Age of Awesome
This article really kicked my butt. It touches of my favorite vices, my lack of gratitude. In short, we live in amazing times and we are in danger of becoming numbed by the awesome. How many moments of wonder do I miss in a day?

Article also reminded me of the classic Louis CK bit about technology …


Best Reason to Be Glad I’ve Read a Bit of Asimov of the Week

LINK: The Trolley Problem
I’ve been fascinated by self-driving cars (duh) and I am of the opinion that the roads would be far safer because computers/robots are never stupid. They never get tired. They never get angry. They can’t get drunk. But I am also fascinated by the moral and ethical implications of giving machines some real autonomy. How will they make life and death decisions? Who’s responsible when the worst does happen?

Sidebar: If you haven’t read Isaac Asimov’s short stories and novels that focus on his 3 laws, do yourself a favor and read a few. Asimov was the first author that left me with questions to think about instead of answers and I loved him for it.

Best Quadcopter Video of the Week

Wait, if this is the BEST one … how many quadcopter videos can a guy watch in a week?
(You don’t want to know)

I Swore I’d Never Link to a Listicle of the Week

LINK: Bored Panda – 19+ Tweets that Summarize Parenting

Those dumb articles that make you click through all 75 slides to read 40 lines of text: the Listicle. I hate them. I wish they would go away. And I can’t believe I just linked to one.

If you have kids, these are pretty¬†funny. Personal Fav: #4 — 90% of parenting is waiting for the other parent to do something about it.

Most Terrifying Military Development of the Week

LINK: Exacto Guided Bullet

DARPA – Keeping you up at night worried about the bullets that can now chase you since 1958.

Most Beautiful Video I Watched This Week



Photo by JD Hancock

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