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The Week in Review – April 11, 2015

Welcome to The Week in Review! Rather than go and start a Tumblr or what have you, I figure I’ll just collect all the stuff I’ve shared online, read, should have shared, etc. in one place so it is easy to ignore easy to find!

Image Most Likely to Make Me Feel Old of the Week

20 years ago

Also the picture most likely to make me love my Mac. (I remember being this excited about Windows 95. I also remember Windows ME. And Vista. And Microsoft Bob.)

Facebook Post that made me laugh this week

I know it’s a Facebook picture of a Twitter feed. Let’s just call that “meta” or “hipster” and move on.


Proud Alum Moment of the Week

UConn Women Win 10th National Title
I played in the pep band for the women’s team for a chunk of a season … before their first title. Because I’m old.

Food Post of the Week

7 Words of Wisdom from Alton Brown
Yes, I have a chef-crush on Alton Brown. If that is an issue for you, you may want to stop reading this blog.

Thing That I Think is Neat, but I’m not Quite Sure Why of the Week

The US Forest Service’s Cocktail Construction Chart (via kottke)
It’s an architectural drawing … of cocktail recipes … created by the US Government.

Video I Laughed at, Felt Bad for Laughing, yet Re-watched the Video and Laughed Some More … of the Week

Work Related Post of the Week

9 truths that computer programmers know that most people don’t.
I am somewhat reluctant to call myself a programmer, as what I do most of the time is scripting and using a markup language (I can hear your eyes glazing over …), but if you have written any code, these will ring true. My personal favorite? “Programming is thinking, not typing.” (A very convenient way to justify a day with low billable hours.)

Nerdy Video of the Week

The Slow Mo Guys rarely disappoint when it comes to visually stunning video, and this is no exception. I geeked out over two things: First, the frame rate of their new camera is mind boggling. They compress 1-2 seconds of realtime footage into 40 minutes of playback. (No worries, they skip to the good bit for you.) Second, the way they capture the resonance frequency of the disc is great, though I do wish they had a little more science knowledge to understand why the wave doesn’t spin with the disc.


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