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The Danger in Rebooting

Power off. Power back on.

The reboot can be scary thing. Did my data get lost? Will that program still work? Will I even hear that annoying start up sound? When I reboot my computer all I want is to find things just the way I left them. I don’t need better. I don’t want different. I want sameness and familiarity. A screen full of my icons on top of my nerdy wallpaper.

Of course, if it’s your computer we’re talking about, then that is a different story. If it’s your computer, then I care a whole lot less, but you get the added worry that I may have given you some really awful advice and your work will be lost, etc.

But, the fear that comes with the reboot is not just about the glowing screens on our desks and in our pockets, it it?

Rebooting a movie franchise is full of risks: Will is capture the essence of the original? Will it be at least as good? Even better? Will my favorite thing about the original make it into the next vision of this thing that I love? I had all of these questions with the new Star Trek films, every new James Bond, every incarnation of Batman, and more. I worry about the new Star Wars movie. (I like JJ Abrams, the trailer looks good … but soccer ball droids and lightsaber cross guards …)

Starting something new often means acknowledging the old, cutting to the bone, and setting sail for uncharted waters.


This will be the seventy bajillionth reboot of this blog. I’ve been all over the map with this thing: “it’s a tumblog of interesting and fun stuff I find around the web … no, it’s a place for me to do serious writing … no, it’s for my photos (for like 23 days) … no, it’s for nerdy things … no, it’s for all of it … no, it’s for none of it.”

I’ve written regularly. I’ve written sporadically. I’ve recently tried the “neglect it and see what happens” approach.

I’m not sure what to call this incarnation, but here’s what I do know:

  • When I imagined hearing the start up sound on my blog as it came back to life, the only things that HAD to still be there were the essays I wrote when my Uncle Jeff passed away. It is some of the most “real” writing I ever shared with anyone. It’s the only stuff that made the cut when I asked myself, “what am I really proud that I wrote?”
  • I’m still going to share the YouTube videos and fascinating articles I find around, but likely in a summary post here so I don’t clutter up the place with cool Lego sets and movie trailers. If you like to get that stuff real time, find me on Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • I’m going to struggle with subject matter. I am a Christ follower who loves science, math, excellent writing, and action movies. I am wildly creative and also wired like an engineer in some ways. I like being funny. I admire writers who are vulnerable.

    I know plenty of people who have made peace with who they are and can just just “be” who they are in writing. This is my latest attempt. It is a work in progress.

  • I’m going to offend you. Trust me. If you know me because of my shared fascination with the scientific mysteries of the universe, my thoughts on faith may be a non sequitur for you. If you expect that “Christ-follower” equals “creationist” or “fundamentalist” or “closed-minded bigot”, then you may be disappointed. I am going to use entirely too much or too little “coarse language”. I will be fascinated by petty things and concerned with grand ones. You and I will disagree. If you, like me, believe that these differences and disagreements are part of being alive and working through them together as best we can is admirable, then you will probably be OK.

All that is left is to push that big blue button — Publish. Then, after a scary moment of darkness, the familiar whir of the fans will kick in, the screen will flash, the speakers will crank out the “buwooooong” sound that computers make, and we’ll be off to the races.

But if this reboot goes Batman & Robin (1997) … Stop me. Please.

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I’m on my 80 trillionth blog reboot. It’s a thing. I felt sort of embarassed the first 40 times, but I’m over it. It’s my place to do whatever I want with, and if no one reads, well, it’s for me anyway. It has to be, or there’d be no point. (I say that knowing that I used to care about my stats. I had to get over that.)

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