Social Distance Experiments: The Coffee Break

I imagine that I have more than a few friends who find themselves in a place where I have lived for 15 or more years — working from home.

First, let me reassure you — there are hard bits. There are awesome bits. Just like most everything else.

One of the hardest bits is dealing with the lack of human contact. For introverts, like me, it seems like the biggest blessing at first. No more small talk. No more pretending you know about basketball at lunch. (or Lord of the Rings. Or NASCAR. I don’t know where you work.)

Just glorious alone time! All alone. And, at least for me, this sends me down the very scary path of becoming the nerdy tech troll that lives under the bridge and yells at school children. I avoid nuisance to the point of isolation.

Some of my extroverted friends are really struggling in the other direction. The silence is deafening. The aloneness is all consuming. They are climbing the walls.

And for some of us, we have the added curveball of “I have work to do but this spouse/partner/child/roommate whom I normally adore is ALWAYS here and NOT WORKING (or maybe just doing different work)”

I don’t have answers for all of that, but I do have one thing to offer that can save your sanity — find an online tribe that gels for you and hang with them. I have an online Coworking group (that I am keeping secret lest you all come and mess it up!) that has a chat room, some audio channels. I work alone, but these are my work friends. And they keep me sane.

So, as an experiment, I’m offering the opportunity to maybe find a tribe. Inspired by the “Tea Times” of my group, I’m having coffee breaks 4 days a week.

Find out all about The Coffee Break

Maybe I’ll see you there. Maybe I won’t. Either way. Stay healthy. Stay Safe. Stay Sane.

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